Friday, February 18, 2011

Some fox photos I have taken

I took this photo at work. At one time we had lots of foxes around. Then the coyotes moved in. It seems the coyotes kill the foxes. They don't eat them, they just kill them. I'm guessing its just getting rid of competition for food. From documenteries I have seen on tv. Wolves do the same to coyotes. Some times I wish some wolves would move in to the area and get rid of the coyotes. The foxes are such cute little critters. But then as well as getting rid of the coyotes, the wolves would do the same to the foxes. You think you have it rough. In the wild you don't get a second chance. But I keep rooting for the foxes.
 These photos were taken at work. When there were no coyotes around the foxes seemed to be relaxed.  After the coyotes came around the foxes were always on the alert. Eyes and ears darting every which way. I have seen a fox just sitting , no food no nothing , a coyote spots it and just charges  the fox. The foxes are very fast. I have not seen a coyote catch a fox yet. I hope I don't. It would not be pretty. Cute gets you a long way in the human world, in the wild it gets you nothing. As far as I've seen the foxes have got away from the coyotes. They are fast and they can out climb them. But there a lot fewer foxes than there was before. Much fewer. I used to see as many as six foxes in a work day. Now I'm lucky if I see one a month. So I guess in the long run the coyote are winning. Some nights I see as many as eight coyotes. Cute goes a long way in my world. I say bring on the wolves. But that creates a whole new set of problems. Nature is hard to watch, but I can't take my eyes away. I'm still rooting for the fox
How can you
 help but root
 for this guy
This fox was just a few blocks from my home. Some times he hangs around the 7/11.
 I took this photo when I worked in the North West Territories. They were every where. Every time you went out side they were there.
This guy was in town.
This guy was at work. Only it was me working and him watching me.

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