Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29 2012. Eagles at the Houston B.C. dump

 These first 18 photos were taken the day after the rest. It was a bit colder minus 6.
 This one is getting ready to take off
 set to go
 and away he goes
This one flew right over me. What a great day

 I saw this as he was taking off
 What great birds.
 This one just sat there watching me watch him.

My grandson, Jonathan and I went to the Houston dump. We were looking for eagles to photograph. There were quite a few there. The trees all around had birds in them. I could watch these birds all day.

This guy didn't seem to mind having his photo taken.
He seemed to always have an eye on us. But hung around for  quite a while.

This one was making a lot of noise
Some just took off before we even got close to them

Ever watchfull
Eagle taking off from the back
And off he goes

I will never tire of watching these birds