Monday, February 21, 2011

Deer photos

I was driving into town (Houston B.C.) I spotted some deer in a field. They started jumping the fence. I wanted to get photos of them jumping. So I drove up to about 50 feet from them, they didn't run away they just lined up and jumped over the fence one at a time. I have never had them do that before or since. I have seen deer jump fences many times. But have never had them wait for me to get my camera out. I have seen as many as twenty one deer in this field and as few as one. Friends of mine own this property. And they see deer, moose, foxes and coyotes there quite often. Usually when its dark. It is so nice to have all these animals so close to town. This field is right next to the local car dealership. I was parked beside some new pickups when I shot these photos. I feel very lucky to have this happen right in front of me. I am always watching this field in hopes of this happening again. Its less than five minutes from home. So far no luck.

I still laugh to myself when I look at these photos. It just seems funny that they just lined up and jumped one at a time. I hope I get to do this again

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