Sunday, December 19, 2010


In the mid 90's I worked in the North West Territories. It was the only time I had an oppertunity to take photos of a wolf in the wild. The photos are not very good. I was using a pentax k1000-asa of 400. The man who made the prints tried to ajust the color. Still it was one of the thrills of my life to stand next to a wolf in the wild. She had no fear of people. The smells and activity of our camp probably brought her around.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I see coyotes at work quite often. On this day, dec 8/10 there were three around the area I was working. They don't seem to be afraid of any of the equipment. At least for two of the three. the third one ran away every time I drove up in my truck. I cut and cropped a few of these photos because I wanted to highlite their eyes.

Hyder Alaska

Last year I went to the Fish river, near Hyder Alaska, to see if there were any bears fishing. Two young brother ( three year olds) bears came down the road. They started off wrestling on the road, then came down the river to the blue lagoon for a swim. Then to the main river for some fishing and more wrestling. It was a thrill to watch these bears.