Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black Bears

This bear was spotted at klm 120 on the Morice River road near Huckleberry Mine
 Also on the Morice River road at about klm 21
Morice River road klm 118
 Also on the Morice River Road
 I think this guy is mad at me. He was huffing and snapping his teeth at me. I think I was getting too close to him.
This young bear was found at klm 15 on the Morice River road
 This was taken at klm 118 on the Morice River road. He ran off the road. Then started back. I guess he wanted his photo taken
Not sure where I took this photo. Probably on the Morice River road
Looking back to see what I was doing? Klm 27
 Not sure where this was taken. I have a good memory--just short
I think this was taken along highway 16.  I always travel with my camera. And always on the lookout for bears that want their photos taken. But it seems to me that a lot of them don't want this to happen. Camera shy maybe? It amazing to me the different reactions you get. Some just carry on as if you are not there. While others just run off. Others just seem to want to watch you while you watch them. They are always aware of my presence and always keep an eye on me. As I do them.

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