Saturday, October 29, 2011

Black bear in my back yard

Last week I finally got a look at the bear that has been visiting my back yard. There were a few sunflower seeds in the feeders. I should have taken them down. At this time of the year the bears are looking for anything and everything that is edible.He started in next doors yard in the crab apple tree.
 Then moved into my yard. Here hes looking at an empty feeder.
Disappointed he moved on.

Here he is beside a stump and a feeder that he pulled donw from the tree.
I wonder if he expects me to repair and fill it.

 No I'm not going to
One last look
 And over the fence he goes.
I don't mind having the bears around. But we all worry about the kids that are around the area. I should have had my feeders down and put away untill the bears are asleep. I will do this in the future.