Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moose found around Houston B.C.

Moose are the largest members of the deer family in North America. And can be very dangerous. A mother will be protective of her young. I drive 121 klms to work up a logging road and these animal can be a very bad road hazard. They some times just charge out of the bush and stop in the middle of the road. They have done a lot of damage to vehicles on this road and on the main highways as well. Driving a small car and hitting a moose is not a good idea-- you would clip its legs out from under it and 800 pounds of moose comes through your windshield. So we must be alert to these animals at all times- more so at night when they are hard to see. Icy roads and moose don't go well together. One time I came across one as it was walking up the middle of the logging road. The road was very slippery I couldn't stop and he couldn't run. At the time it wasn't funny but looking back it was. The poor guy had feet going in every direction but going no where. I managed to get beside him and hoped to pass. He ended up leaning on my pick up- trying to stay on his feet. Then down he went. No damage to the truck or to the moose -he got up and shuffled off the road. This could have ended differently. I still chuckle about this but still remain alert to these animals when driving.
Not sure about this one. Is he hiding behind a tree and stticking his tongue out at me.

Just relaxing
This is a road hazard- but I guess it easier walking on the road than through the bush and snow.

The road has got to be easier than this

These guys just stood and watched me. I guess turnabout is fair play.
These moose were running across Owen Lake. Not sure why.
Its tough being a moose in the winter. Plus these guys are on the road.

Another one that thinks hes hiding
I saw this bull run across the road and off the side. I got out to see if he had stopped so I could get a photo. Didn't see him then he came running across the road behind me. Got one shot any way. If you look closely you can see where his antlers are starting to grow.
Antlers are starting
 Momma and her calf. These two photos were taken by my friend Heather Amodeo using my camera.

This is one of those moose that thinks he owns the road. I spotted  it at the side of the road

And it wouldn't let me pass. Everytime I tried to go by it would spead up 

At times getting into a full run
If I slowed so did he

Almost got passed
I guess I win because he finally got off the road. I was not intentionally running this moose. He just wouldn't get out of the way. I stopped so did he I moved to get by and he would stay just ahead of me. I guess he got tired of the game and finally left. But it was great seeing this animal up close. But difficult taking a photo and steer the truck. Sometimes I'm not too smart but I got a couple of good photos


  1. Fantastic shots!! I'm heading to Algonquin with mom, (jennifer) in May and hoping to see these guys! You got a lot of amazing shots!

  2. great shots Rick! Love the accompanying stories :)